Welcome at Eskating! Did you know? New Accounts get 5€ credited to the Eskating Wallet!

The E-Wallet is created automatically! Get 1% Cashback each order, credits can be also topped up and they will save your time at the checkout.


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Update 3rd January 2019: we have launched the Eskating Wallet, read more at the Top of this page.

Update 1st January 2019: we have now activated the new VAT system starting from the 1st Jan 2019, please read more to the ABOUT VAT page.

Eskating Projects & Parts available in the near future

New Eskating Company Base (1st part) - Late Spring 2019 60%
Mountainboard Flex Deck - Late Spring 2019 60%
Mountainboard Trucks with Springs - Late Spring 2019 60%
Mountainboard Gear Drive - Late Spring 2019 60%
Cruiser Ebike - Late Spring 2019 60%

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