10s BESTECH bms 40a


  • Protection Circuit Board for 37V 10S 40A Li-ion and Li-polymer battery pack
  • Prevention of the battery pack from overcharge, overdischarge, over current, over temperature, short circuit
  • With cell balance/equilibrium function
  • With E-Swtich
  • Charging and discharge at same port

Instructions & Datasheet downloadable below

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Instructions & Datasheet



1ModelHCX-D345  10S- 40A working current
2VoltageCharging voltage42V
3CurrentMaximal continuous charging current40A
Maximal continuous discharging current40A
Current consumption≤50μA
4Overcharge ProtectionOver charge detection voltage4.28V +- 0.025 V
Over charge detection delay time0.5S~2S
Over charge release voltage4.08V +- 0.05 V
5Over Discharge ProtectionOver discharge detection voltage3.00V +- 0.05 V
Over discharge detection delay time50~200mS
Over discharge release voltage3.00V +- 0.1 V
6Over Current ProtectionOver current detection voltage0.1V~0.2V
Over current detection current100A +- 20A
Detection delay time5~20mS
Release conditionCut load,automatically recover
7Short Circuit ProtectionDetection conditionExterior shot circuit
Detection delay time200~500uS
Release conditionCut load,automatically recover
8Balance/EquilibriumBalance voltage for single cell4.20V±0.025V
Balance current for single cell126mA±15mA
9ResistanceInner resistance≤20mΩ
10TemperatureOperating temperature range0 ~+85°C
Storage temperature range0 ~+85°C
11Size  (L*W*T)L145mm*W68mm*T16mm (13mm if move the sensor to the side)

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