What do I need?

The first parts of the list below seem to be for a standard Longboard, but with Caliber Trucks (specific shape is needed for the Motor mounts) and 4 specific Wheels that have 6 insert in the middle to let you fasten Pulleys on them.

You will obviously need some Bearings too.

If you are planning to build your esk8 powered by Lipo or batteries that don’t provide an integrated switch, you should try our Antispark Switch.

We are trying to get biggest deck range as possible, the first part available here.

Is important to know that the deck will affect the entire build, you will need splitted electronics in flexy decks and you can go with long batteries if the deck is stiff.

For long power packs we suggest to get minimum 70cm of wheelbase.

Of course you need wheels! But they must have the 6 inserts in the center, to fasten the pulleys very easily.

You are free to choose the diameter you prefer, with bigger wheels (97mm or 100mm all terrain) you get an heavier build and could be a bit bulky, but you can go faster!!!

Smaller wheels (90mm) are lighter.

The best affordable trucks available to build your electric skateboards are the Caliber Trucks II, 184mm hanger with 50 degree baseplate.

The rounded and angled shape will make sure everything will keep in place, specially with our high quality mounts fully made in Italy (be sure to get Caliber II with our mounts).

We recommend to get some risers to get your motor/s a bit more far from the deck.

Of course you will get a softer experience too.

New 2018 Eskating Caliber II Motor Mount back

The mount is the basic part of the electric skateboards, it will keep the motor, pulleys and belts alligned, to create the entire transmission.

It’s very important to get a solid motor mount, that has to be affordable even if it’s under strain, in the worst conditions.

Depending on your pulleys teeth and pulleys center distance you will have to get the right belt length, the best is the metric HTD 5M, in 9, 12 or 15mm width.

With our mounts and 15/36 Pulleys the right belt lenght that will fit is 265mm 53 teeth, you can find it here.

With our mounts and 15/42 Pulleys the right belt length that will fit is 280mm 56 teeth, you can find it here.

For Mountainboards our standard is 15/72 and neet the 475mm 95 teeth belt for this application, available here.

Here you have a very good Online Belt Length Calculator we can suggest!

The 36T are pretty the best for most skate/longboard applications, the 40-42 teeth pulleys can increase torque but low the top speed.

Take care about different kind of wheel pulleys we have at the moment, one is for the flat Abec Flywheels clones, so will fit perfectly just with them; the other kind is for All terrains and the shape is sightly different and optimized for thoose wheels, another model is the one for Kegel wheels.

We offer Mountain boards 72 Teeth wheel pulleys too!

We offer different kind of motor pulleys with different teeth quantity and width.

Choose the right width depending on which build you are going to create, as for dual motors it’s fine to go 9 mm width (with our mounts and drive and motors we use the 9mm)

For single motor better to go with 12-15mm width.

For mountains it’s enough the 15mm width!

The brain of the electric skateboards, improved version for a very good acceleration and breaks setting, for beautiful rides without high risks as on ESC.

The top new improved vesc is the FOCBOX, we love it!

It offers smooth accelerations and brakes, foc mode (silented motors) and other interesting features.

If you are not going for the focbox, we highly recommend to get the new esc’s based on VESC project, like our Maytech ESSC (Electric Skateboards Speed Controller). Other standard Escs are not the best controllers for Esk8 application.

Our new PRO motors are the best choice for every electric skateboard, if you want a lot of power and torque, and very good top speed, these are the motors for you.

The best motors we have ever tested!

Eskating motors are selected from best manufacturer and customized under our suggestions.

The battery is the power of your esk8, and need to be build with genuine cells (like Samsung 25R) to get best performance and long rides.

The eskating power packs are powerful and all protected by a BMS (battery management system), to avoid bad charge/discharge of the 20 (10s2p) to 48 cells (12s4p).

And at the end but not because is less important, the enclosure: it has to be solid and flexy at the same time, to let it follow the deck shape easier.

Depending on your electronics placement you will find splitted or one piece enclosures in our store.

The enclosures we made are by 3mm ABS vacuum formed sheets, carefully made in Italy with love.

Or let's just make this easy all the way around and get a KIT 🙂