Custom HTD 5M 12 to 20 Teeth Steel Motor Pulley in 9/12/15 width



Eskating Custom Steel Motor Pulleys

The Eskating custom pulleys need 5-10 days from the order date to be customized (except if the selected pulley is in stock, we’ll need 2/3 business day to process it).

The 9,12 15mm 15teeth pulleys are always in stock and will take 2-3 days to get customized

  • Bore: 8mm or 10mm
  • Teeth: 12, 14, 15, 16, 18 or 20T
  • Width: 9, 12 or 15mm
  • M4/M5 tool included
  • Up to 2xM4 flat set screws (Thread locker recommended, available here)
  • Seegers and whashers recommended too

Available on backorder

Width *

The 12mm width has 1 flange only near the overhang

Bore *

Teeth *

M4 set screws *

Needed to fasten the pulleys to the motor shaft keyway
15mm width the 1x or 2x screws are on teeth only (reccomended on teeth for this width)

Overhang *

overhang example pic on gallery


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