Anti-spark power switch (Fully Assembled)

(9 customer reviews)


  • 4 oz PCB
  • Safe for batteries up to 12S
  • 12AWG in/out wires included based on fuse Amperage + led switch wires and connections diagram included
  • 40 to 100amps fuses
  • XT60 or XT90 connectors (optional)
  • Detachable Led switch in different colours (optional)
  • 20cm switch wires

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Estimated delivery 17/06/2024 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Fuse *

Battery IN connector

Vesc OUT connector

Led Switch

Easy to mount through the enclosure with the new detachable switch!


Anti spark power switch – Made in Italy

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9 reviews for Anti-spark power switch (Fully Assembled)

  1. kthetr (verified owner)

    Have been using this switch for a month now. It just works.

  2. vesely.johny (verified owner)

    Super thing for save of electronic.

  3. christophern748 (verified owner)

    Perfect way to add an on&off switch, plus the protection it gives. Really nice!

  4. martin (verified owner)

    Good switch and quick answers from the team !

  5. Aaron Chatham (verified owner)

    Super solid power switch at a reasonable price. The quality of this switch is very well made. If your considering a power switch I would recommend this one especially with the LED option as it looks amazing!

  6. noamlin (verified owner)

    I have tried several Chinese products and they all failed within a day. This power switch works perfect!

  7. Davide B. (verified owner)

  8. Tomáš Marek (verified owner)

  9. Sebastian Petri (verified owner)

    Top quality and works great

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Got something to discuss?

5 years 10 months ago

Will this work with a 12s6p 30q or will it burn?

5 years 8 months ago

Hi Mackann, sorry for the delay we just got an issue with the comments system.

Sure we tested them for years with batteries up to 12s without any issue.

5 years 3 months ago

Hey Alberto,
I have the Mono kit setup and i want an anti spark switch. What fuse should i order for that kit?

5 years 3 months ago

Hey Dante, what’s the battery you got installed? thanks

2 years 10 months ago

What fuse should I use for 12s2p or 3p haven’t decided yet, with a single motor config.

2 years 10 months ago

Hello, it depends on which discharge rate you will have. what cells there are into the battery? do you have a discharge/charge bms or charge only?