Bluetooth UART module for electric skateboards (Android)



  • This will send motors, batteries, vescs data to your Smartphone using ANDROID app trought Bluetooth
  • 6 pin JST wire assembled (we’ll use 7 pin once last wires batch finished :))
  • Tested before shipping
  • Plug & Play
  • Covered with heatshrink
  • It works with or without Ackmaniac installed into the Vesc/Focbox
  • Made in Italy


ANDROID APP: Remember to change Vesc settings mode from PPM -> PPM+UART, set up Buad Rate to 9600 in the left menu called “UART” and download the Vesc Monitor Android app (ackmaniac Android ONLY), then you can Start Recording and set up your Vesc:)


This chip inlcude the JST PH 6 Pins plug

So with v 4.6 or v 4.7 of the Vesc simply plug into the port, if you have a v 4.10, 4.11, or 4.12 or FOCBOX plug into the port skipping the red crossed pin as shown in figure below:



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9 days 12 hours ago

Does the Bluetooth needs Ackmaniac Firmware for the VESC? Or can you use it with Standard Firmware?

alberto ferrer
9 days 12 hours ago

Hi Mario, thanks for your question!
Don’t worry, you can use this module even without the Ackmaniac FW installed, must be for Android, that’s all.