The new Eskating Base

Bigger Workshop, Warehouse and Showroom

In the last years Eskating grown a lot thanks to all the friends and customers around the world, and I really want to say I really appreciate all the support that you guys offered since late 2016! I really want to say thank you again.

I’m very happy to annunce that in November 2018 I finally was able to purchase an house + a very nice space for Eskating warehouse, workspace and showroom, at a very cheap price (here in italy is pretty much everything at 40-50% off in the real-estate market.

We expect to get the first part of eskating workspace ready by April 2019. Then during the current year Eskating will expand more and more. We hope to get all the new spaces ready within the 2020.

I’m pretty sure to get Eskating to another Level with a bigger space, a nicer studio, better tools and the best mood will be just a concequence of working well, in a nice and confortable space.

I want to improve everything, eskating is Innovation, not only parts and products. This is also why “Innova di Alberto Ferrer” will be the “Tax & Official” Name of the Eskating brand (we’ll invoice with that name), this will happens as soon as I’ll be able to change the Company address to match the new Eskating Home.

I can’t wait!

Thank you everybody because without all of you I would not be able to realize what is finally becoming true!

Alberto | Eskating

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