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Anti spark power switch Made in Italy

 49.98  39.98

Assembled Anti-spark switch 

  • 40 Amp fuse included
  • 4oz PCB!!!
  • For batteries up to 12S
  • 12AWG in/out wires assembled
  • XT60 or XT90 connectors  (optional)
  • Blue, red or green color switches (optional)
  • Made in Italy

In stock (can be backordered too once out of stock)

Battery connector

Please select one

Vesc connector

Please select one

Led Switch

If you want I can install the switch but you will need to unsolder the wires to mount it in your enclosure.
So if you want the switch to be installed just choose “yes, install switch” and select one color

If you want the switch apart just select a color
NOTE: I will flag every single switch wire (of 5) so you will be able to install the Switch easier.

from 2 pcs.
 39.98  37.98

Anti spark power switch – Made in Italy

Led Switch Color

Blue, Red, Green

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