Eskating Remote Display 1.14″

$ 128.25

Eskating Remote Display 1.14″
  • Wireless connection via Uart (BT module included) Baudrate 9600
  • PPM and UART vesc mode (PPM receiver included)
  • Vesc Telemetry Data displayed in realtime
  • Speed, Current, Eboard Battery Voltage, Edisplay Battery Voltage, Distance
  • Menu with custom selections about Motor Pulley Teeth, Wheel Pulley Teeth, Wheel Diameter, Motor poles (N° of magnets/2) and 4 different Screen colors options
  • Only two buttons for the display, One button for the remote with 2 speeds mode
  • Type C charge port
  • 3d printed remote case with high resolution and strong filament ABS like
  • Hand refined post process
  • 1400mah Battery
  • With wrist string

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Made in Italy

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NOTE: you might need to adapt the bluetooth module 7pins jst connections depending on what vesc system you have, only 4 pins are used! you can also detach the 7 pins connector and use a 8 or 10 pins jst if neeeded, fastening the 4 pins as in the order below):

VESC RX –> Blue BT cable

VESC TX –> Yellow BT cable

VESC 5V –> Red BT cable

VESC GND –> Black BT cable

Vesc App Selection –> PPM and UART

Default Eboard Settings Menu:

Motor Teeth Pulley: 15 t

Wheel Teeth Pulley: 72 t

Wheel Size: 200 mm

Motor Poles: 7  (14 magnets/2)


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