Eskating PRO motors 6355 190Kv

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The kind of motor that makes the difference on your Esk8
  • High quality Electric skateboard Sealed & Sensored PRO motors
  • Sensored with 6 pin 1,5mm JST wire (1,5 to 2,0mm jst 6 pin Adapter included)
  • 5.5mm Gold Connectors
  • Max. power: 3510W
  • Shaft: 8mm
  • With 2 x Circlips ways (8mm Circlips not included available here)
  • With Eskating Logo

PLEASE NOTE: This 6354 Motors are longer than normal so check the trucks length before choosing the width of pulleys and belts

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Electric skateboard motor – other details:

  • Motor Rpm/V: 190Kv
  • Max Current: 70A
  • Motor poles: 14
  • Motor Resistance: 0.0402hm
  • Battery type: 4-12S
  • Diameter: 63.4mm
  • Length: 55mm (60 max lenght)
  • Wires: 12AWG 20cm with 5.5mm gold connectors (male)
  • Weight: 522g

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Weight2 kg

6354, 6374

2 reviews for Eskating PRO motors 6355 190Kv

  1. jirkanemerunka (verified owner)

    These are the quietest and most powerful motors, most 6374 motors don’t have this much torque. They are also the highest quality I have yet seen. With high gearing in FOC mode they were as silent as good hub motors, I kid you not. After 1000km+ the sound is still the same. I have used it for some time as only a single motor setup on full power 3500w (resp. 12s*60amps = 3000w) making 15 minute rides through the city most way up long hills going over 45 km/h pretty much the whole time. No wonder why other companies are starting to ditch the bad chinese motors and starting to sell these exact motors. They are supposed to be the best and so far I can say they are. Unless you want to spend 350 euros on an aircooled motor. For a DIY eskater these are a must.

  2. Andreas (verified owner)

    2 of these motors and your board flies 🙂 Combine them with the Enertion Focbox Unity and you will be happy.

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6 years 4 months ago

Hello, I am planning on building my own battery pack and the total voltage will be 46.2V which is slightly above the max voltage rating of 45V. Will using 46.2V harm the motor, or as long as I don’t provide the motor above 3510W I won’t harm it? FYI I will be using LiFePO4 batteries which aren’t as energy dense (3.3V/cell) as LiPO (3.75V/cell) so I plan on using 14 in series to power the motors. Any help is much appreciated.

6 years 3 months ago

you can power the motors with as high voltage as you wish,
the only thing that can damage your motor is the ACTUAL electric current, thats were inteligent ESCs as VESC comes in, you can setup current limits in them

6 years 3 months ago

Hi ferirx4 thanks a lot for your support 🙂 very kind !

6 years 3 months ago

Sorry Ryan, it seems I missed your question, ferirx4 is right, just care about the amps in your case, that I normally suggest to max 60-65a, for this kind of motor they are really enough!

6 years 2 months ago

Hello, I was wondering if there is a big difference between this motor and the Eskating PRO motors 6374 190Kv in torque, soundlevel or is it just the size? Thanks

6 years 2 months ago

Hi Jakob! yeah there is a torque difference, they both perform very good, the 6355 still be powerful and lighter, the 6374 is even better but heavier, longer motor offers more torque for sure

5 years 11 months ago

Would this motor fit in a dual setup with a Caliber II truck and 12mm belts?

5 years 8 months ago

Hi Emil, sorry for the delay we just got an issue with the comments system.

You would need to use wider caliber trucks as the new Ecaliber to use two of those motors with 12mm transmission.

5 years 7 months ago

With wheels offset from the center you can fit 12mm like I did. I have 4 washers on the axle and there is not a single mm to spare and my bolts are at the end but it works 🙂