Eskating Little Beast 10S2P

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1,349.99 1,199.99

We currently need about 2 weeks to produce all parts and carefully assembly the beast, raw materials are currently all in stock.

Only 2 left in stock
Estimated delivery via Express/Drop Off by:
09/03/2019 (day/month/year)

Motor Position *

It’s better to know if you are goofy or regular, because you will get better traction control if the motor will be under your heel instead of your toes.

Wheels Upgrade

Abec 11 clones 73a 90mm wheels come as standard and just in Black

Add some extras


NEW Gin&Tonic Deck with Satin Smoke Calibers II
NEW setup with Focbox Controller
UP TO 43 kmph
UP TO 30 km RANGE (19 Miles)

Expected Range, Speed and Torque:

  • +43km/h top speed 30% uphills  25-30 km RANGE

The lil’ beast now comes with a new modified enclosure, it’s pretty the same but a bit more room to let fit 1 x focbox

DELIVERY with battery pack IN EU ONLY

  • The Powerful LITTLE BEAST by Eskating
  • Powerful Water Resistant 3510 Watts motor
  • 10s2p Battery 6000 mah up to 30km range – 216 Wh – Samsung 30Q cells
  • Dual Fast mode from Eskating V2 Remote (easy and pro)
  • Standard charger 2A included Charge in 2 hours
  • 90mm wheels or upgrades
  • Satin Smoke Caliber II Trucks

Parts included in the assembled e-board (Charge & Ride):

1 x Cruiser Deck L: 28.5″ | W: 8.5″ | WB: 15″ Landyachtz Gin & Tonic Deck

4 x 90mm 73a Abec clones Black wheels or 97mm 73a PRO Black Wheels  or All terrains/Reflys Upgrade

1 x Eskating 10s2p 30Q Battery 6000 mah

1 x Eskating Black ABS Enclosure Water Resistant fully assembled

1 x 1 channel receiver with Low and Fast mode Eskating V2 remote

1 x Eskating 6355 190kv PRO motor Water Resistant, Sealed and Sensored

1 x FOCBOX WITH NEW FIRMWARE 3.30fw  (modified enclosure to let fit the focbox)

1 x Eskating Motor mounts AluCarbon

1 x Eskating Transmission kit 15/36  with 15mm belts 265 lenght

2 x Satin Smoke Caliber II Trucks

1 x Set of ABEC 7 Waterproof Bearings

1x Angled Risers 5°

1 x Standard 2Amp Charger or fast 4a charger

This kit contain speed controller based upon the VESC® Open Source Project.

VESC – Open Source ESC

Source Link


GPL License

VESC Hardware is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license click here or in the banner below (you will get a downloadable copy too via email, after the purchase).

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

3 reviews for Eskating Little Beast 10S2P

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    oshiro (verified owner)

    get my “little beast” 🙂 order 11 december receive 27, (France) i just tested it, works pretty well ; my normal longboard is a lot heavier than this “little beast”, it’s a really nice board to see, assembly is just perfect and the deck is comfortable as well ,and have a real tail
    the acceleration is awesome and the max speed is really impressive ( must protect yourself ! )
    , i’ve not checked the range yet , but it seem to be ok for me
    for me i’ts the best compromise between price ,weight, range and speed you could find on the market now in EU
    i will ride it everywhere 🙂 thanks a lot for this “little beauty”

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    rmad1311 (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, quality parts and every question answered. Well assembled with attention to details. Works perfectly. Speed and range are sufficient for me without the need to test it. Very satisfied with the product and service, well recommended.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andi78549 (verified owner)

    Very powerful and really fast, recommended 100%. Itˋs a real beast. 🙂 Battery range and quality is very good.

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Got something to discuss?

1 year 3 months ago


Do you have any photos of the whole skateboard? I am very interested in buying one, I’d just like to see how it looks all assembled and shiny 🙂

1 year 3 months ago

Hi Jonas thanks a lot for your interest about our new Little Beast!!

We are going to assemble the First Little eboards next week so we’ll upload the pictures as soon as AVAILABLE!
If you order in the near future (within a week), we can ship it within 4-5 business days!

1 year 3 months ago

Alright cool! There was some mention of different wheel colors in the description aswell, what are those? It’d be fresh to add som color since the board itself is almost 100% black.

1 year 2 months ago

you can write the wheels color on the order notes at checkout and we can even install the all terrain or flat 97mm on it with just € 29.98 more! we have the last few pcs in stock to be delivered within this month 😉

In the next days we’ll add the final product pictures ❤

1 year 2 months ago

Can you upgrade the battery pack ?

1 year 2 months ago

I will include other options early next year, at the moment just 10s2p 25R and 7s3p if want more range.
The space in the enclosure is also not enough for a bigger battery (and then it won’t be that portable anymore).

1 year 2 months ago

Can I put this kit to a small sized pennyboard?

1 year 2 months ago

Hi thanks for your question!

This kit comes fully assembled, you can buy all parts separately (10s2p with 250mm enclosure) and vesc, 15/36 ratio 15mm belt, 90mm wheels, calibers, 6354/74 motor and mount.

1 year 1 month ago

Hello, this board interests me enormously! I have just two questions: Is it possible to remove the battery to be able to put another one (history of having more autonomy en route) and there is this model with two engines? Thank you in advance!

1 year 1 month ago

HI David thank you for the question, since the Little Beast is pretty small board, we can’t let fit a bigger battery, and two engines. We would suggest the other dual motor kits available here

1 year 18 days ago

it doesn’t say if it has build in brakes, does it come with those or do you have to purchase on the side?

it’s been an issue with other brands and travelling due to the size on the lithium batteries, do you know if it’s allowed to check the little beast in with your luggage?

– how long delivery time for London?

1 year 15 days ago

Hi Lasse, it’s very important to have brakes when we ride an esk8, of course there are built in brakes!
The new beast has even more Wh, so before was 180wh now is more because of 30Q cells, so it’s not allowed in airplane since it’s too high capacity (more than 160wh)
I’ll do a smaller version for the battery get it on airplanes too!

Delivery time is 2-3 days in UK, plus the days I need to assemble it, that you can check in this page.

1 year 13 days ago

Okay perfect, just making sure with the brakes 😉

Ah okay, good to know there is still an option for bringing it on trips!

– on the boards page it says next to it there is a range of up to 20 km but further down it says 30, is that cause of the new battery? 🙂

Thanks for the reply.

10 months 30 days ago

Hi, what is the wheelbase, and is it possible to run in FOC mode without blowing up the VESC?

10 months 30 days ago

Hi Leo, the wheelbase is 36cm! And FOC mode one Maytech vescs is not really recommended at the moment, even if newer firmare versions seems to be more stable and doable in FOC (as some of their customers experienced). I personally haven’t tried it yet, I use focbox for that applications (and can’t fit into the current lil’ beast setup).

10 months 29 days ago

Hi Alberto, thx for the answer. I’m sad to hear that there isn’t room for a focbox, as that would have been awesome!

10 months 5 days ago

What is the dimension of the deck ?

10 months 5 days ago

Hi! these are the deck specs: Mini Cruiser Deck LIMITED Edition Bennet 29″ Length (73cm) 8″ width (20cm) Mellow Concave 7 Plies Canadian Maple
Wheelbase is 14″ (36cm) updated info on description

9 months 7 days ago

Hi, this board is complete with everything you need. Is it stable to go with

9 months 7 days ago

HI! it depends how confident you are with decks like it, it’s stable and even more if you get all terrain wheels.
The little beast comes fully assembled and ready to go (charge and go)

9 months 7 days ago

how long delivery time is it. and what is the maximum weight. what payment options do you have

9 months 3 days ago

Hey again 🙂

Does The remote have pre made settings for speed, or does it work like a throttle where you go faster the further down you push the trigger?

With the weather proof system, does that mean you can go only if the road is a little wet after the rain stops, or could you go with light rain too?

Looking to order within a few days, so I hope for a quick reply so I can get it before summer is half over 😉

3 months 27 days ago

Hey! Are the trucks 184mm calibers or 160mm?

3 months 27 days ago

hi Jakub, we only use 184mm at the moment.