NEW Eskating Dual BEAST 2018 Landy EVO 7020watts 10/12s 4/5p 30Q


2,098.99 1,499.99

  UP TO 53 kmph (33 mph)
UP TO 70 km RANGE (43 Miles)
FOC BOX best performance controllers


  • The NEW DUAL BEAST by Eskating
  • Powerful Water Resistant Dual 7020 Watts motors (2 x 6355 3510W each)
  • 10s4p Battery 12000 mah up to 60km range – 432 Wh – Samsung 30Q cells (or 12s5p 30Q option up to 70km range)
  • Dual FOCBOX with FOC mode
  • Dual Fast mode from Eskating V2 Remote (easy and pro)
  • Standard charger 2A included (or 4A fast charger option) CHARGED IN 3-4h 10s4p and 4-5h 12s5p (2amp) or half time with 4amp charger
  • Free universal adapter included
  • 97mm wheels in different colors (All terrain available too in different colors)
  • From 43kmh to 53 kmh (from 26 to 33mph)
  • 2 x 15/36 pulleys and 9mm Belts width for 25-30% uphills
  • Black Caliber II Truck

Only 2 left in stock

Wheels *

Abec 11 clones 97mm wheels are included in the starting price.
Please tell us your preferred wheels color in the order notes at checkout

Upgrade to 12s 15000 mah Battery

10s4p 30Q 12000mah up to 43 km/h 30% uphills is included in the standard price

Upgrade to Fast charger 4amp

For 10 or 12s depending on your battery selection

Add some extras


Expected Range, Speed and Torque:

  • Dual 6355 with 10s4p = +43km/h top speed 30% uphills  (44km/h with 97mm-100mm wheels) 40-60 km RANGE
  • Dual 6355 with 12s5p = +53km/h top speed 35% uphills  45-70 km RANGE

Parts included in the assembled e-board (Charge & Ride):

1 x Landyachtz Evo ’17 Deck

1 x Set of 4 Wheels (97mm standard or 100mm All Terrain)

1 x Eskating 10s4p 30Q Battery 12000 mah (included in the starting price) or 12s5p Samsung 30Q Battery 15000 mah

1 x Eskating Black ABS Enclosure Water Resistant fully assembled

1 x Eskating V2 remote

2 x Eskating 6355 190kv PRO motors Water Resistant, Sealed and Sensored

2 x FOC BOX controllers in FOC mode (WITH CANBUS & SENSORED)

2 x Eskating Motor mounts AluCarbon

2 x Eskating Transmission kit 15/36  with 9mm belts 265 lenght

2 x Caliber II Midnight Black Trucks

1 x Set of ABEC 9 Bearings

1 x Standard 2Amp Charger or Fast 4Amp Charger

This kit contain speed controller based upon the VESC® Open Source Project.

VESC – Open Source ESC

Source Link


GPL License

VESC Hardware is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license click here or in the banner below (you will get a downloadable copy too via email, after the purchase).

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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1 month 19 days ago

In fact it is this model that interests me enormously! But the deck is not what I’m looking for, is it possible to change the deck? If yes do not hesitate to contact me I’m interested, I’m just looking for a board that can allow me to travel a long distance and this model looks perfect! Just one last question is it a ready-made model?

Thanks in advance and happy holidays


alberto ferrer
1 month 14 days ago

Hey David, this is the kit you should definitely check then!without deck