DRV repair service


39.99 34.99

  • Vesc based controllers Repair Service in Europe and in the rest of the world
  • DRV faults ONLY
  • 4.12 (vesc 4) or FOCBOX version ONLY
  • Shipping costs depends on location (add to cart and just see how much is it)
  • You can choose any courier to ship the Faulty controller to us

You will see the current address where to ship everything right after the order is placed.

What happens if the Controller cannot be fixed? We can give you a 10€ discount on a new controller and send back the faulty too, or keep the faulty and send you 20€ off on a new one.

If the new controller works after drv repair, we’ll just ship it back to you.

We’ll get ready to ship in max. 4-5 business days since we receive the faulty Controller

Please insert a note into the package with your order ID.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT CUT the motor connectors, the battery connector and the remote connector of your faulty vesc.

If we get cutted wires we’ll add a fee for the time to resolder all wires, since we need them, to be able to test it at 100%.



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