Battery Percentage/Voltage GREEN LCD Display Waterproof (if glued)



  • Include +- 20cm wire
  • Battert percentage and voltage
  • Green led color
  • Up to 12s
  • 60x32x15mm

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05/06/2019 (day/month/year)

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3 months 22 days ago

How do you set this to the battery of my board, so it displays the correct reading? I can get into the settings by holding the button on the back as it powers up but I can’t figure out what the settings are for.

3 months 20 days ago

Hey Chris! With lithium packs, just set the L to be the same as the Series quantity of the pack (for a 10s battery would be L = 10), I can send you the settings to your email if you havent get them yet ! let me know