ABS SPLITTED Enclosures 38x160x200-250mm



NEW WATERPROOF GASKET (check the gallery)
  • Vacuum formed Black Pinseal ABS SPLITTED enclosures
  • Enough space up to 10s4p (not for 40 cells in 1 flat) 18650 battery, BMS and 2 escs (or 3 Lipos, bms and 2 esc)
  • Waterproof gasket of 10mm height included
  • Slightly concave shape
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Internal max size: 38mmx160mmx200 or 250mm lenght  (1,5″x6″x 8″ or 10″ lenght)
  • External max size: 41mmx210mmx250mm or 300mm lenght (1,6″x8″x 10″ or 12″ lenght)
  • Variable height thanks to the Gasket (+2 to 5 mm of internal height available)
  • Screws not included (available here)
  • Carefully Made in Italy

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