Welcome at Eskating! Did you know? New Accounts get 5€ credited to the Eskating Wallet!

The E-Wallet is created automatically! Get 1% Cashback each order, credits can be also topped up and they will save your time at the checkout.

Please Note: Eskating finally got a big moving from the previous location (after the accident of last year) to the new and final location (I really hope it’s final at this time ;D).

I’m trying to dispatch each order as fast as possible, and replying emails as soon as possible. Of course, pending orders have the highest priority, more than replying emails specially the one you are asking how is it going.

If I spend time by replying emails, I won’t be able to dispatch the 30 costant orders I’m getting at the same time.

Eskating is just me, one person, and I just want to do everything at my best and with the time needed.

The Estimations on each order still be estimations, they can vary, lot of parts are handmade.


Thank you for your patience and understanding, sincerely Alberto Ferrer


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