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6W Waterproof Led light kit for electric skateboards

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  • 2 x 3 watts high quality led in series (1 cool white with OPTIC LENT + 1 red)
  • Waterproof
  • Aluminium PCB
  • Turn ON/OFF from receiver
  • 6 Watts ultra light led kit
  • For 6 Volt systems
  • Made in Italy

Just plug in the JST 2 pin to 2nd channel of your receiver and you will be able to turn it On and Off from the 2nd ch button of your remote  (3.3volts in Winning remotes).

The kit include an external switch that can be installed in the enclosure, I prefer this way because of a real 6watts power (3+3) at just 750mah (most receivers can take go up to 1A plugged in the 2nd or 3th channel).

The two Black mounts are made by Black ABS and 100% Waterproof, front light (cool white) has an optical lent glued in the case, the back red led cover is made by Fiber glass semi-trasparent filament.

This kit include 24AWG Wires standard lenght of 60cm, the JST plug starts from the middle of the board, so leds are 60cm left and 60cm on right of the plug ( I can costumize wires lenght if you state it in the notes).

The kit is designed, 3d printed and assembled in Italyby Eskating



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